Messier Financial Advisors
1330 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 2800
Houston, TX 77056
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Put Your Future in Capable Hands

A financial advisor you can trust; an organization you can count on. With Messier Financial Advisors, you get both. Here's how we work:

  • We identify your needs and objectives.
  • We fully analyze and evaluate your personal situation.
  • We give you input and advice to help you make timely, informed decisions.

The benefits of this approach are obvious. You gain a greater appreciation of your financial situation and the impact that various options can have on the financial well-being of you and your family. This places you in a better position to make wise decisions, and makes implementation much easier.

We're with you all the way.

Many of our clients have long-term advisors - an attorney, a CPA, a broker - they already trust. We supplement and coordinate the work these advisors do for your estate, retirement and business succession planning. Specifically, we look at all areas of your financial plan and pull them together in a cross-disciplinary manner to most effectively help towards meeting your financial security and asset preservation needs and objectives.

No more guesswork.

Without the help of an accurate, focused and long-range financial model, you aren't planning. You're just guessing.

We have access to proprietary software that allows us to create an individualized "financial condition model" for you. This model can reveal:

  • The long-term adequacy of your current financial resources and plans.
  • A comparative analysis of the financial planning strategies you're considering or already have in place.
  • The impact of future changes in your personal or family situation, asset values, taxes or inflation.

We help you see the big picture.

Inflation. Changing tax laws. Volatile financial markets. Evolving personal, business and family circumstances. It can be overwhelming to keep up with or, for that matter, respond to the implications of every financial event that may impact you. And you don't have to - it's our job. Here's how we can help:

Succeeding in business succession.

Today, fewer than one-third of family businesses survive to the second generation, and only about 12% make it to the third.1 So, whether you plan to retain or sell your business at death, disability or retirement, you need expertise to develop a succession plan that will also maximize the tax and financial benefits to you and your family.

Reducing the burden of estate taxes.

Proper planning is the key to minimizing your estate settlement costs and preserving more of your estate. Without it, estate taxes can claim up to half of everything you own.

Retiring with a sense of security.

Leave as little as possible to chance. That's our number one rule in helping our clients enjoy the secure retirement they deserve and desire.

Investing with confidence.

Once we help identify your objectives, assess your risk tolerance and scrutinize your portfolio, we can suggest the appropriate asset allocation strategy. Based on your own preferences, we'll recommend specific investment products to help you toward reaching your goals.

Getting educated.

When it comes to preparing for your children's or grandchildren's education, you may need help. We stay on top of changing tax rules that affect education funding and can help you determine the appropriate way to approach this need.

Building the foundation.

A big part of keeping your dreams alive is protecting your family's financial situation. There is a full spectrum of insurance products designed to help you manage the risks of premature death, disability and health care.

We know financial planning like nobody's business.

Messier Financial Advisors is a premier financial planning organization located in Houston, Texas. Our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors provides comprehensive support to our clients, along with the most advanced technology and specialists at both the local and national levels.

You see, Lincoln Financial Advisors carefully selects their advisors and trains them rigorously throughout their careers. Just as important, they have unlimited access to expertise with investment specialists, plan designers and dedicated support personnel. Their combined expertise helps us successfully handle thousands of complex financial situations each year.

Choose your solutions. Secure your future.

We complement our financial planning with an exceptional portfolio of insurance and investment products, all offered by leading companies that meet Lincoln Financial Advisors strict due diligence criteria. In fact, our broker/dealer, Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., offers access to more a multitude of investment alternatives from many of the most respected respected names in the financial services industry. With a full range of products and companies, we are positioned to offer you most apprpriate insurance and investment products available in the industry today.

The Partner of Choice.

As a company, we believe in the "Serve first, last and always"(SM) philosphy. We believe that long-term customer relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter.

Conviction in what we do; the courage to get our clients to take action; competency based on continuing education and training; and communication that builds understanding and trust - these are the commitments we make to each of our clients.

So if you're looking to create, preserve, protect and transfer your wealth, the partner of choice is clear: Messier Financial Advisors.

You've succeeded in so many ways. You've "made it" - on paper at least. But still you wonder, "Is it enough?" "Could I do better?" "Is this the best I can do for my loved ones?" You need to know the answers. Because there are as many ways to enjoy what you've built as there are potential missteps that can cripple your financial future.

At Messier Financial Advisors, our purpose is to guide you to a more secure future. We look at every possible way to help you maximize all you've achieved in life. We offer a full range of financial planning products and services designed to help satisfy your personal financial needs and allow your heirs to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We believe that it's not only our responsibility to help you make the most of your income and assets, but also to help you make the most of your life. It's our plan for your future.

1 Source: Joseph Astrachan, Ph.D., editor, Family Business Review, as cited by Family Firm Institute, August 2001.